364 Air Training Squadron

364 Μοίρα Εκπαίδευσης Αέρος


120 Air Training Wing – Kalamata Air Base



Aircraft serving

T-6A Texan II


The 364 Air Training Squadron’s mission is to implement Initial II and Basic II Phase of Flight Training Program of Hellenic Air Force’s Academy (HAFA) Air Cadets and of 1st Lieutenant Italian pilot Officers (Italian Air Force – ITAF).

  • Initial Phase II: The aim of this phase is trainee’s pilots to improve their skills in maneuvers and aircrafts’ system management, compliance with safety rules and decision making, in all flight conditions, in combination with human physiology.
  • Basic Phase II: The aim of this phase is to enhance the trainee’s prior knowledge, competences and skills, to develop leadership skills, team-building, to improve the team spirit, to deal with information management and situational competence, setting the foundations for aviation consciousness.

In addition to its main mission, 364 Air Training Squadron is also responsible for the training of T-6A “Daedalus” Air Demo Team pilots.


In March 2006 the 364 Air Training Squadron was formed due to splitting of 361 Basic Training Squadron, equipped by T-6A Texan II aircraft.

The 364 Air Training Squadron is the only Squadron, where Officers of NATO’s countries serve. Specifically, as part of the implementation of the Hellenic-Italian Air Exchange Training Agreement in 2008, four (4) Italian Flight Instructors are employed at 364 Air Training Squadron’s, and six (6) to ten (10) Italian trainees are trained annually. The training is common, conducted in English and delivered by mixed crews from both countries.

In addition, almost every year the Squadron hosts 1st Lieutenant Doctors who participate in Squadron flights and Flight Simulator, within the School of Aviation Medicine.