Instrument Flight Training Center

120 Πτέρυγα Εκπαίδευσης Αέρος (120 ΠΕΑ)


Instrument Flight Training Centre is located at 120 Air Training Wing in Kalamata Air Base




120 Air Training Wing


The Instrument Flight Training Centre’s mission is to provide theoretical and practical training to the Hellenic Air Force’s staff, other Armed Forces Branches and Security Forces, as well as executives from other countries involved with conducting flights.
In particular the Instrument Flight Training Centre is responsible for:

  • Theoretical and practical training of Hellenic Air Force Officers in Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) flight.
  • Theoretical training of other Armed Forces Branches.
  • Standardization of IFR procedures.
  • Improving the knowledge and skills that Pilots already process in the field of IFR flights.
  • Monitoring of changes in the field of air regulations and suggesting – preparing of relevant studies as well as revision – improvements of existing procedures.
  • Studying and recommending to the relevant authorities for publishing – updating already published FIR procedures.


The instrument Flight Training Centre for trainers was established in 1976 at 110 Combat Wing using for the training purposes Τ-33 aircraft.

In 2005, due to the participation of the Hellenic Air Force in NATOic training and exercises carried out in controlled airspace demanding IFR knowledge, a brand new Flight Training Centre was established, providing theoretical and practical training to Hellenic Air Force’s Staff.

In November 2006, Army’s Aviation staff, by two helicopter pilots, started participating in the theoretical part of the training program.

In 2007 after the successful participation of two pilots in November’s 2006 training program, in the following training programs started participating staff of other Branches and Security Forces, like Hellenic Navy Helicopter Command of the Hellenic Fleet Command and Air Force Service of the Hellenic Coast Guard.

In July 2018, 8th the Flight Training Centre was transferred at 120 Air Training Wing in Kalamata Air Base.


The educational work of the Flight Training Centre is contributed into seven average educational series per year.

In each training series theoretical training in FIR Flight is provides as follows:

Three weeks of theoretical training, divided into three courses and generally comprising the following topics:

  • IFR procedures (Departure, Route, Arrival, Holding, Descending, Final Approach, Landing, Miss-Approach, Approach, Transatlantic Flight)
  • Navigational aid systems (VOR, TACAN, ILS, RADAR,GNSS, NDB, etc)
  • Aeronautical Publications (AIP, MAIP, DoD /Jeppesen, etc)
  • IFR Flight Planning and Presenting
  • Airspace and Relevant Services
  • IFR Flight
  • Aviation Medicine
  • Meteorology
  • Flight Safety
  • Educational Visit to Athens Area Control Centre located in Ellinikon City, for information on matters of competence of the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authorities

In the end of the training, the participants carry out the missions that they have planned as follows:

  • Four departures carried out in the Flight Simulator, distributed as follows:
    • One mission based on basic instruments
    • An internal Flight
    • Two Flights abroad
  • An instrument Flight in Hellenic FIR
  • An instrument Flight, out of boundaries of the Hellenic FIR