123 Technical Training Group

123 Technical Training Group


“Νουν ηγεμόνα ποιού” (Make your mind pioneer in every action)


It is located in Dekeleia Air Base, Tatoi, Attica.




Hellenic Air Training Command (HATC)


The mission of 123 Technical Training Group (123TTG) is to provide military staff and Professional Basic Airmen training specialization as well as retraining to standing military and civil crew with technical specializations, according to the Orders of the Ministry, the Standing Orders for the staff’s classifications and the Current Instructive System.


The Unit was established in1946 at Dekeleia Air Base, named Air Force’s Technical Training Centers.

In 1949, Hellenic Air Force Technical NCO Academy was founded and joined the Unit.

In 1953, it was renamed to Airforce Technical Academy.

In 1955, it joined Air Training Command.

In 1969, it was renamed to 123 Technical Training Wing.

In 1970, the Conscript Military Sergeant Training Center was established.

In 1980, Practical Training Squadron was established.

In 1987, the Unit joined Air Force Support Command.

In 1988, the Military Training Squadron and The Practical Training Squadron merged and Airmen Training Center was created.

In 1989, the Guard Defence Squadron, the Operational Support Squadron, the High Personnel Squadron and the Health Service were incorporated into the 123TTG and assigned to provide support to various sectors of the Dekeleia military camp.

In 1990, Hellenic Air Force Technical NCO Academy became an independent Unit and directly joined Air Training Command.

Since 10th September 1990 to 24th July 2002, the Five-Year Volunteer Training School operated in the Unit.

In 15th September 1993, the Unit rejoined Air Training Command.

Since 15th May 2002, the Professional Soldier Training Center operates in the Unit.

In 28th September 2015, the Unit renamed from 123 Technical Training Wing to 123 Technical Training Group.


In order to carry out its educational work, the Unit has 7 classrooms with a total capacity of 150 people, of which:

  • Two classrooms configured to support the Εxplosive Ordnance Disposal School and the Small Arms-Light Weapons School
  • One A/C Facilities Technician Airman Laboratory
  • A practical training area for the Εxplosive Ordnance Disposal School
  • Two practical training tracks for the Driver Training Schools and the Rider Education & Training System.
  • A variety of Training Aids for the practical training and training support of all the Schools.

In order to achieve the objectives of the Training Centre’s mission, training is carried out in accordance with specific and defined duration, training principles, methodology and training subjects. Education is distinguished by the principles of Academic Freedom, Dialectical Process and Active Participation.

Retraining Schools

  • Armament Technical Schools
    • Explosive Ordnance Disposal School
    • Munitions, Storage, Maintenance and Transportation School
    • Small Arms – Light Weapons School
    • Anti-aircraft Guns School
  • Aircraft Technical Engineering Schools
    • Military Aircraft Technical Engineer School
    • Survival Equipment School
  • Vehicle Technical Engineering Schools
    • Driving and Basic Unit Maintenance School
    • Advanced Military Driving School
  • Electrician Schools
    • Air Conditioning Facilities
    • HAF Electrician Grade A’ School
    • HAF Electrician Grade F’ School
  • Professionl Basic Airmen Schools
    • Armament Technician Airman
    • Military Aircraft Technician Airman
    • Vehicle Technician Airman
    • Military Driver Airman
    • Electrical Technician Airman
    • A/C Facilities Technician Airman
  • Seminars
    • Recognize, Avoidance of Dangerous Weapons and Materials
    • Rider Education & Training System
    • Instructors of Rider Education & Training System


Email: pr.123ste@haf.gr