Fire Rescue Training Center


“Διδακτόν η αρετή” (Virtue can be thought)

Ploutarchos 45 – 127 AC

In a dialogue with Socrates, the Sophist Protagoras claimed that virtue can be taught.


350 Guided Missiles Wing – Sedes Air Base




Air Training Command


The mission of the Fire Rescue Training Center (FRTC) is training of military and civilian firefighters assigned to Hellenic Air Force (HAF) Fire Stations, in aircraft firefighting and rescue, as well as training of HAF and Civil Aviation Authority Staff in Fire Firefighting Security.


The FRTC was established in 1979 according to the Decision of the Ministries of Defense and Civil Protection GNIB/960/22-10-1979.

On June of 1978, Officers of Hellenic Air Force General Staff officially visited West Germany Air Base Fire Station in Fassberg and USAF Europe Firefighting training Center in Ramstein.

On November of 1978, Decision of HAF General Staff, FRTC to be located in Sedes Air Base.

On January of 1979, Initial training of Firefighters in Rescue & Firefighting Training Center in Ramstein, West Germany.

On the 22th of October 1979, Foundation of FRTC in Sedes Air Base.

Training Modules

To achieve the training goals according to FRTC’s mission, training is conducted in compliance with the latest demands and challenges of the dynamic variable Fire Fighting environment, especially in the disciplines of Aircraft Accidents and Fire Security.

Modern educational models and methods are applied in order to maintain high standards of training.


  • First Aid
  • National and International Firefighting Legislation
  • NATO Firefighting Standardization Agreements (STANAG)
  • Fire Behavior
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Power Tools
  • Rescue Equipment
  • Ladders – Ropes – Knots
  • Fire Service Vehicles
  • Drags & Carries
  • Fire Hoses and Water Supply
  • Ventilation
  • Fire Detection and Suppression Systems
  • Building Operations
  • Hazardous Materials Awareness
  • Airport & Aircraft Familiarization
  • Aircraft Fires
  • Aircraft & Helicopter Rescue
  • Airport Emergency Plans
  • Compartment Fire Behavior Training (CFBT)

Basic Courses

  • Airport Firefighter
  • Air Force Enlisted Firefighter
  • Fire Protection Apprentice for Officers
  • Conscripted Firefighter
  • Compartment Fire Behavior Training (CFBT)
  • Fire Behavior Training Instructors (FBTI)
  • Seminar – Power Tools (Chainsaw – Circular Saw)
  • Seminar – SCBA Compressor Filling Station

Training Methods

In compliance with HAF’s General Staff quality standards and according to student educational needs, training is conducted in:

  • Classroom
  • FRTC training sites performing, individual practice of firefighting drills aw part of a team.
  • Educational visiting sites (Fire Stations, Airports, Industry etc)