Guard Dog Training Center

Κέντρο Εκπαίδευσης Φρουρών - Σκύλων (ΚΕΦΣΚΥ)


“Χρή δε πάν έρδοντα μαυρώσαι τον εχθρόν” (When you have to face your enemy, you have to beat him by whatever means)


The Guard Dog Training Center is located in Koropi.




Hellenic Air Training Command


The Guard Training Center’s mission is to provide theoretical and practical training to NCO’s of the Hellenic Air Force or other Branches of Armed Forces in the duties of Guards and Military Dog Trainers with parallel training provided to Military Dogs, in order to be used for the improvement of the security of Air Bases, Military Areas and generally Military facilities and means. In addition, it is responsible for providing primary and secondary veterinary care to the Military Dogs of the Hellenic Air Force Units, as well as to the Dogs of the Fire and Coast Guard, the Greek Police and the Ministry of Finance.


The Center was initially called as Dog Escort Training Center and started being operational on April 1989, 17th at non permanent facilities, where the first two (2) training series of escorts were trained. The total number was thirty two (32) escorts with equal number of dogs.

In March 1990 was completed the construction of permanent training and living facilities for Military Dogs. After relevant decision, the Dog Escort Training Center undertook the training of Military Staff and Dogs.

On September 1993, 23rd the Center was named as Guard Dog Training Center.

Since August 2011 the Center started undertaking the test program of reproduction of Malinois breed.