Hellenic Air Force General Staff

Hellenic Air Force General Staff

Γενικό Επιτελείο Αεροπορίας


«Een Ypsikratein» (Aίεν Υψικρατείν)

(Always Govern the Heights)

This phrase was first stated by Wing Commander (and later Major General) Spyros Papaspyros, the Commander of the Center for Classification of the Gaza Base. The phrase was mentioned in the Daily Order of October 5th, 1941 which is also the same day in which he welcomed the 335th Squadron to Egypt; the first Hellenic Squadron of Fighter Aircrafts in the Middle East.


The Hellenic Air Force General Staff (HAFGS) is located at the Papagou Military Base at the Municipality of Filotheis – Psychikou in the Attica Region.




The HAFGS is the Supreme Hierarchical Echelon of the Hellenic Air Force (HAF), which is in place to support the Ministry of Defense and as an administrative organ, to manage the staff, equipment and assets belonging to the HAF, with the supervision of the Chief of the HAF (C/HAF), as has been set by the «Order of the Ministry of Defense.» Its mission is to plan, direct, coordinate and control the operation of the HAF, so as to assist the Ministry of Defense, the Chief of the Hellenic National Defense General Staff (C/HNDGS) and the C/HAF in their executive role and task force at both times of peace and war.



The HAFGS consists of Branches and Divisions, all of which assist in the implementation of the executive orders authorised by the Chief of the HAF, who also fulfills his tasks with the help of his administrative office.

Those who report directly to the C/HAF are the Chief’s Second in Command, the General Inspector, the Center for Flight and Ground Safety, the Legal Military Advisor and the Secretariat of the Aviation Council.

Those who report directly to the Chief’s Second in Command are the General Secretariat, the Department of Sanitation and the various Branches which consist of various Departments and Divisions.

The Branches of the HAF are divided as follows:

  • The A’ Branch (Operations) Consists of the following Divisions:
    • A1  Operations Planning – Operations
    • A3 Missions – Mission Training Division
    • A4 Air Defense Division
    • A7 Inelligence – Security Division
    • Operational Center (OC)
  • The B’Branch (Staff) Consists of the following Divisions:
    • B1 Military staff Division
    • B2 Training Division
    • B3 Staff Care Division
    • B4 Military Recruitment Division
    • B5 Civilian Staff Division
  • The C’ Branch (Support) Consists of the following Divisions:
    • C1 (Aircrafts – Assets Division
    • C2 Facilities Division
    • C4 Communications Division
    • C5 Computer Information Systems Division
    • C7 Supply Division
  • The D’ Branch (Policy and Planning) Consists of the following Fivisions:
    • D1 Organization Division
    • D2 Defensive Planninc and Programming Division
    • D3 Armament Programs Division
    • D6 Financial Division

For its effective performance, the HAFGS coordinates, directs and controls its three largest formations and their Units, as follows: