Hellenic Air Force Military Police


Νόμοις έπεσθαι καλόν(It is good to abide by the Law)


The Hellenic Air Force Military Police (HAFMP) is located in military barracks of Byrona’s Camp.




The HAFMP, according to the existing legal framework has the following responsibilities:

  • Maintain order, discipline and behavior of the military staff outside of the Air Base grounds in Athens.
  • Is responsible for arresting military personnel and transferring prisoners.
  • Escort army Units, weapon systems and army materials in transit.
  • Guard the premises of the Athens Air Force Courthouse during Court sessions.
  • Serve official documents from the Judgment Committee.
  • Serve conscription documents on drafted civilians participating on military training or during emergency periods.
  • Traffic control for all Hellenic Air Force’s vehicles. Investigation of traffic accidents involving military vehicles.
  • Participate in military honor squads for the President of the Hellenic Democracy, Military and Public and Foreign Leaders of State.
  • Present memorial wreaths of honor on various happenings.
  • Administrating, Training and Supporting squads of military dogs for detecting illegal substances.

According to the existing laws, the Air Force Military Police has the authority to check all Hellenic Air Force’s personnel. It has no jurisdiction on the civilian personnel working for Hellenic Air Force.


The HAFMP was established in 1945 named as the Hellenic Air Force Police (HAFP) also known as Athens Air Force Police. It was initially based at the end of Patision Street and specifically on the location known as “Alysida”.

In 1976 it was renamed as Hellenic Air Force Military Police according to the Legal Act 276, passed on the same year.

Since 2008 it is relocated and based in the military barracks of Byrona’s Camp.


E-mail: aeronomia@haf.gr