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Hellenic Tactical Air Force

Hellenic Tactical Air Force


“Ρώμη μετά φρονήσεως” (Vigor combined with prudence)

Vigor combined with prudence is indeed an advantage; yet, without prudence vigor harms its possessors more than it helps them – and,  while it embellishes the bodies of those who exercise them,  yet it obscures the cultivation of the soul.
(Isocrates, Orations to Demonicus, 3-7)
(Loeb, by G. Norlin)

Isocrates (436-338 BC) states the aforementioned while giving advice to Demonicus, possibly son of his friend Ipponikos,
tyrant of Kitieis, Rhodes, around 394 BC.


The Hellenic Tactical Air Force (HTAF) is located in Larisa City.




The mission of the Tactical Air Force during peacetime, is the preparation and training of the Combat Units which are under it, the undertaking of missions at any moment and the co-operation with the other branches of the Armed Forces.

During wartime it is the administration and coordination of the operations among the Units and the co-operation with the corresponding Major Formations of the Armed Forces to carry out these operations.


The HTAF consists of Branches and Divisions, headed by the Chief of the Tactical Air Force, who fulfills his tasks with the assistance of his Administrative Office Staff.

The Branches of the HTAF are divided as follows:

  • The A’ Branch (Operations)
  • The B’ Branch (Staff – Training)
  • The C’ Branch (Support)

Combat Wings

Combat Groups

Aeronautical Control System Units

Other Units