10th Control and Report Post

10η ΜΣΕΠ


“Του δε πολέμου οι καιροί ου μενετοί” (War requires quick reaction)


It is located at Hortiati Mountain of Thessaloniki.




Hellenic Tactical Air Force


The 10th Control and Report Post’s mission is to maintain a high level of effectiveness and readiness, through the proper organization of its staff and the maintenance of its assets of the systems that are at its disposal, in order to ensure the unstoppable contribution of the Real Time Picture to the 1st Air Control Centre (ACC) – Recognized Picture Production Centre (RPC) – Sensor Fusion Post (SFP) and the ability of limited control of aircrafts during crisis or war period.


In June 1955 the Unit was established, by the name 1st Control and Report Post.

The Unit’s main electronic systems and electrical – mechanical equipment have been through many changes during the 60 years of Unit’s existence.

Once the Unit was established the RADAR TPS 1E & 10D got installed.

In 1973 RADAR MPR & NADGE were installed and in 1983 the Unit was renamed as 1st Control and Report Post.

In June 2002, 06 the Unit was renamed as 1st Region Control Center, by the time that the Unit’s operational sufficiency increased due to its upgrade from local to nodal Unit. As a result Unit’s mission and competences were changed.

In 2003 Multi Aegis Site Emulator system was installed.

In February 2017, 08 1st Area Control Center was renamed as 10th Control and Report Post.


Email: 1kep@haf.gr