A fox with the emblem of the Hellenic Air Force
Call Sign: FOX


115 Combat Wing – Souda Air Base



Aircraft served

  • F-84G
  • F-84F
  • A/TA-7H

Aircraft serving

  • F-16 C/D Block 52+


The mission of the 340 Squadron is to maintain a high level of readiness and effectiveness, in order to conduct successful air operations, whenever needed in accordance with current plans. It is achieved by the appropriate organization, training of personnel and maintenance of the available means and systems.


On April 18th 1953, the 340 Squadron was formed at 112 Combat Wing (CW) airport, with F-84G aircraft. In September, the squadron moved to 111CW at Volos, where the existing aircraft were replaced by the F-84Fs.

On February 4th 1960, the 340 Fighter-Bomber Squadron (FBS) redeployed from 111CW to 115 Combat Group (CG). In the same year, the Squadron took part successfully in two large scale exercises. In May the “REGEX 1” exercise and in September the “FLASH BACK” exercise.

Next year, on March 1961, 14th, the Squadron took part successfully in the two-day REGEX-61 exercise.

From July 9th 1962, till July 14th, a six (6) F-84F aircraft of 340FBS with seven (7) pilots and eleven (11) technicians moved at Balikesir, Turkey, during a flight exchange between Greece, Italy and Turkey. On July 24th a four (4) F-84F aircraft flight of 340FBS accomplished a navigation training flight and landed in Rimini, Italy. In the same year, the Squadron was successfully evaluated by SIXATAF with exceptional performance.

In July 1964, after a Hellenic Air Force General Staff (HAFGS) mandate, the 340FBS was renamed to 338 FBS and the 335 Strike Squadron, which was moved during June to 115CW from 114CW, to 340 Strike Squadron.

In 1965, the 340 Strike Squadron, was successfully evaluated by the 28th Hellenic Tactical Air Force (28 HTAF), and classified as class A, achieving exceptional performance in LARS firing and high standards of knowledge in technical issues.

In October 1966, the 340 Squadron changes its role to FBS with 115CW as permanent base.

In 1967, the Squadron was successfully evaluated by NATO and was classified as class A.

In March 1970, a 340 Squadron aircraft Flight moved for three (3) days to the Gioia Del Colle airport in Italy, in the frame of “SOUTHERN FLAG” exercises. In the same year, in August, 4th Squadron’s F-84F aircraft moved to Ghedi airport in Italy for training flights.

In 1974, the 340 Squadron entered its inventory the F-84F aircraft from 338 and 339FBS, which were developed in short time. The Squadron’s aircraft at the time came up to seventy five (75).

In August 1975 the reception of 340Squadron’s new type aircraft started, the A/TA-7H Corsair II, which were light bomber aircraft. The Squadron’s old type aircraft F-84F, the personnel and the means were delivered to 345FBS.

From June 29th 1979 to July 6th, a A-7H Flight of the 340 Squadron moved to HAHN airport, West Germany, during a NATO Flight Exchange.

From June 7 to 14 1983, four (4) Squadrons aircraft visited the 13th Gruppo Brindisi in Italy.

In February 1987 a pair of aircraft from the 340 Squadron moved to Grazzanize airport in Italy, during a squadron crew exchange. In April, two Squadron’s aircraft also moved to Grazzanize airport, Italy.

In 1990 the Squadron achieved a zero accident rate, and was awarded with the flight safety prize.

In late July 1992, half of the A/TA-7H aircraft from the 347FBS of 110CW were added to 340 Squadron’s inventory.

On May 3rd 1995, one (1) TA-7H and three (3) A-7H of 340 Squadron redeployed to Majorca to participate in the “DESTINED GLORY 95” exercise.

On October 4th 1997, the Squadron participated in the “DYNAMIC MIX” NATO exercise with great success.

On January 30th 2001, the operation of 340 Squadron was suspended. The 340 Squadron aircraft and part of the personnel were incorporated under the 345 Bomber Squadron.

On March 3rd 2003, the 340 Fighter Bomber Squadron was reformed with F-16 Block 52+ aircraft at the 115CW, from where it operates till today.