11th Control and Report Post


“Μη κάμπτειν γόνυ” (Do not bend the knee)


It is located at Lasithi, Creta.




Hellenic Tactical Air Force


The 11th Control and Report Post’s mission is to maintain a high level of effectiveness and readiness, through the proper organization of its staff and the maintenance of its assets of the systems that are at its disposal, in order the following to be ensured:

  • Εnsure the continuous transmission of Recognized Air Picture (RAP) to the head of country’s Air Defense System
  • Successful operations
  • Dealing with emergency situations, whenever needed.


The Unit was constituted in 1963, named as «Early Warning Ziros» (E/W ZIROS) and was equipped with RV-377 (2D) and S-244N (height) RADAR devices.

In 1976 it was set as 4th Air Defense Section headquarter.

In 1982 the Unit was renamed as 4th Central Control Station Squadron, maintaining its mission and gradually from 1985 to 1987 automatic system’s installation was completed. Its operational function as a Unit capable of interconnecting and exchanging traces with AWACS NE-3A (SINS AEGIS/FNS – Southern Improved NADGE Site AEW Ground Environment Segment / Full NAEGIS Site) aircraft.

In 1993 the old RADARs were retracted and the Unit was equipped with new technology 3D HR-3000 [High Power Air Defense RADAR (HADR)] RADARs, which were operational until 1994.

In 1996 the Remote Display Subsystem (RDS) system was installed.

In 1997 a fully advanced interconnecting and exchanging traces system was installed.

In 1998 an extra sophisticated Hardware and Software equipment were installed, in order to support the operational demands of Unit’s Responsibility Section.

In 2001 new systems of data interconnection were installed and in the same year a new back up RADAR was developed.

In 2002 was renamed as 3rd Area Control Center.

In 2004 a new information display system got installed, while in 2005 additional software and data interconnection systems were also installed, in order such as aircraft observation and control to be increased.

In July 2013, 01 the transition to new NATO infrastructure took place and the Unit got under the command of Allied Air Command (Ramstein) through CAOC TJ.

Since January 2013, 11 the 3rd Area Control Center was renamed as 11th Control and Report Post.


Email: 3kep@haf.gr