“Freedom demands virtue and dare”

(Calvos – Odes)

A verse from Andreas Calvos’ poem, “To Samos”.
(stanza a, verses 4 and 5)


Iraklio, Crete.




Hellenic Tactical Air Force (HTAF)


11th Guided Missile Squadron


The mission of the Unit is to maintain efficiency and readiness to a high standard with the appropriate organization, personnel training, and maintenance of the assets and systems provided for or redeployed in order to assume and successfully carry out Air Operations whenever required.


  • 1940-1946 : The unit history starts in 1940, when the British forces assumed the defense of Crete. After Crete’s occupation by the Germans the unit operated as a German Unit, whose air forces supported the African front. After the German exit until 1946 it operated as Air Detachment and lodged departments of the British Air Force.
  • 1949 : From 1949 it operates as Heraklion Air Base.
  • 1951 : In 1951 it was under the Air Material Headquarters and was named to 126 SAB . In the same time period it was used as a Conscript Training Centre, in the administrative specialties.
  • 1967 : In late 1967 it came under the Tactical Air Force Headquarters as independent unit.
  • 1974 : In July 1974 it was renamed to 126 Combat Group, having under its command the Timpaki Air Detachment.
  • 1989-2000 : In July 1989, the 334 All-Weather Squadron subordinated to the Unit, with the F-1CG aircraft. The Squadron operated from the Group until July 2000, when its operation stopped. During this period, the unit had a crucial function to the confrontation of the escalating hostile threat in the SE section of Athinai FIR.