“Mή πώ τι μεθίετε Θούριδος αλκής” (Upright you hold the ardour of bravery)


A verse from Homer’s epic poem ‘Iliad’ that praises the bravery. Agamemnon addressed this verse to his soldiers,  to encourage them in their struggle against Trojans.


Limnos island




Hellenic Tactical Air Force

Aircrafts served

  • F-4
  • F-5

Aircrafts serving

  • F-16
  • AS-332 Super Puma


The Group’s mission is the appropriate personnel training and maintenance of the means and systems, so as to maintain a high level of readiness and fighting efficiency, in order to assume and successfully carry out Air Operations whenever required.


  • 1959 : The first runway was constructed from PSP (Pierced Steel Planking) in 1959. At the same time period the first personnel detachment was also established, as the Lemnos Air Detachment, which was subordinated to the 112 Combat Wing.
  • 1960-1970 : Between 1960 and 1970, a 10.000 ft landing strip with a 140 ft wide parallel taxiway was constructed.
  • 1970-1971 : In 1970-71 the maintenance hangar and the fuel installations were constructed.
  • 1974 : In September 1974 the Lemnos Air Detachment was renamed to 130 Combat Group and came under the 111 Combat Wing command.
  • 1975 : In March 1975, six F-5 aircraft were redeployed to the unit and on January 1st 1977, as an independent unit, came under the Tactical Air Force Headquarters.
  • 1977-1983 : From 1977 to 1983 reconstruction works took place to the airport, in order to cover the necessary specifications for the civilian and military airplane support.


Email: cmdr.130cg@haf.gr