“Eν τη ενώσει η ισχύς” (Power lies in unity)


Skyros Air Base




Hellenic Tactical Air Force

Aircraft served

  • F-5
  • F-1

Aircraft serving

  • M-2000
  • M-2000-5
  • F-16
  • F-4E


The mission of 135 Combat Group is to maintain efficiency and readiness to a high standard with the appropriate organization, personnel training, and maintenance of the assets and systems provided for or redeployed in order to assume and successfully carry out Air Operations whenever required.


  • 1975 : The airport’s construction works started in May 1975, by the Military Construction Services (MOMA) and lasted almost 6 years.
  • 1977 : On September 20th 1977, the Skyros Air Detachment was established for the first time at the airport, which was under construction. The unit’s subordination was operationally under the Tactical Air Force Headquarters, and administratively at first under the 142 Air Training Wing and later under the 111 Combat Wing.
  • 1978 : On July 3rd 1978 the first landing that took place to the unit’s runway was of a T-33 aircraft.
  • 1981 : In December 1981 the unit’s structure changed to an independent Combat Group (135 CG).
  • 1982 : On February 15th 1982, the alertness aircraft were based at the 135 Combat Group and since then they are guarding every day the Aegean sky against any challenge.


Email: cmdr.135cg@haf.gr