2nd Area Control Center (2 ACC)

2nd Area Control Center (2 ACC)


«Reveal the unseen to the apparent»


Parnitha mountain, Athens




Hellenic Tactical Air Force (HTAF)


The units’ mission is the organization and development of personnel and means provided for, in order to ensure:

  • The continuous transmission of Recognized Air Picture (RAP) to the head of country’s Air Defense system.
  • The successful accomplishment of air defense operations, such as:
    • Air space surveillance.
    • Identification of all flight tracks, in the ATHINAI FIR.
    • Guidance and control of friendly aircraft.
    • Tactical control of guided missiles and SHORAD systems.
  • The successful accomplishment of national and allied operations, according to existent plans and air doctrine.

The following subordinate units contribute to the 2nd ACC mission :

  • 4th Area Control Station (4 MSEP) – Lefkada
  • 6th Area Control Station (6 MSEP) – Mykonos
  • 7th Area Control Station (7 MSEP) – Skiros

The unit’s task is performed with the following means: RADAR for the surveillance of air space, communications for the aircraft and guided missile control, RADAR management information system in order to generate the processed Real-time Air Picture.

Also the unit manages the radar plots and communications from subordinate units, in order to produce and manage the Real time Air Picture to its area of responsibility.


The unit was formed in late 1955 and was based at Kavouri. It operated as a training unit until August 1956, with the limited capability search and altitude radars, TPS-1E and TPS-10D.

In August 1957, these radars were replaced by the extended capability search FPS-8 and altitude FPS-6 radars.

In May 1958 the unit was transferred to its present location (Parnitha), where it operates till today.

In October 1976 the 2nd ACC was included in the NADGE (NATO AIR DEFENSE GROUND ENVIRONMENT) system. The altitude RADAR S-269 was installed in the same year.

In March 1984 it was enrolled to the NAEGIS system, an integrated NATO system for airborne early warning.

In July same year, the MANUAL CONTROL procedure of 350 Guided Missile Wing and 180 HAWK Squadron was assigned to the unit.

In 1990 the modernization works started at the unit. The works finished in 1994 and included the following:

A new «A» complex construction
Installation of a new display system with the HMD-22D consoles
Installation of a new integrated communication system
Installation of new generator station and mechanical equipment room.
Installation of the S-743D RADAR which is operationally active since May 1996.
In September 1997, the RIS system was installed which provides the unit with the capability to receive plots from other units.

In January 2001 the PALLAS system (Phased Automation of the Hellenic ATC System) was established, in order to support the identification process, receiving information from the Civil Aviation Authority radars.

In the same year the CSI system was established in order to link the unit with the PATRIOT, HAWK and CROTALE guided missile units .

In 2002 the SSSB system was established in order to exchange picture with the Hellenic Navy ships.

Since May 31, 2002 the unit has changed its role and mission and was renamed to 2nd Area Control Center (ACC), in the framework of Air Defense System’s (ADS) new structure.

In 2003 a new system of information display was installed, the MASE (Multiple AEGIS Site Emulator), increasing the capabilities of aircraft surveillance and control.

In 2004, the ULS (UNIVERSAL LINK SYSTEM) was installed, which could be linked with LINK 1, LINK 11, LINK 16 and IJMS (communication protocol with AEW&CS and NAEW E3A) platforms.

In June 2006, the MASE upgraded software was installed, with concurrent integration of the CSI system software.


  • Address: 2nd CRC, Parnis, TGA 1010, Athens, Greece
  • Adjutant’s office: +302102425001
  • PR: +302102425001
  • E-mail: 2kep@haf.gr