2nd Control and Report Post

2η Μοίρα Σταθμού Ελέγχου και Προειδοποίησης


Ιερά τα πάτρια τιμήσω(I Honor my Inherited Nation)

Excerpt from the “Athenian Teenage Oath”, which was recovered by the oration of Lykurgus”, titled “In Leokratous “.

The emblem shows the area of Thrace, with the Thracian Horseman, the HAF emblem and a RADAR in the foreground. The Thracian Horseman is a symbol of Thrace, dating back to the 1st Century BC. It is considered by anciet Thracians to be a Holy Hero and Protector of the area. The same concept is transferred to the emblem of the 2nd Control and Warning Squadron, metaphorically meaning that the unit is the protector of Thraki.


The 2nd Control and Report Post is located at Ismaros Mountain in Rodopi County.




Hellenic Tactical Air Force


The 2nd Control and Report Post’s mission is to maintain a high level of alert and readiness, with the respective level of organization – to train its staff and maintain its assets and technical systems, in order to assure the proper RADAR transmission that belongs to the Area Control Center and to monitor aircrafts that are in the air at all times.


The Unit was established in 1963 as the Early Warning of Ismaros, with the purpose of monitoring air traffic and to provide information as an early warning Unit for NATO, equipped with a RADAR RV-377 and S-244N System.

In 1972, the new S-269 RADAR System was installed.

In 1973, in the context of NATO’s Air Force modernization movement, the unit transformed its standards according to the NATO Air Defense Ground Environment (NADGE), with a primary purpose to improve its monitoring, clarification and controlling functions of aircrafts.

In 1982, the Unit was renamed to the 2nd Control and Report Post.

In 1984, the central computer was replaced according to the NATO Airborne E/W Ground Environment Segment (NAEGIS), which better assisted in the transmission and cooperation with NATO, through the air traffic RADAR AWACS NE3-A Systems.

In 1995, a new 3D RADAR system was installed, along with new interface and trace exchange systems.

In 2010, the new MASE (Multi ASGIS Sit Emulator) information and operation System was installed.


Email: 2msep@haf.gr