11th Guided Missile Squadron

11η Μοίρα Κατευθυνομένων Βλημάτων


Display: Two missiles are on pursuit to their targets under the care of the Hellenic Air Force (emblem) and with the guidance of a Radar.


Heraklion, Crete




Through the coordination and training of its staff and the maintenance of its systems and assets, the mission of the 11th Guided Missile Squadron (11th GMS) is to maintain a high level of capability and readiness for the security and defense operations of Air Defense Missions, in accordance with the procedural planning and authorization from the heads of staff.


In 1999, the Unit’s first S-300 was installed by order of the Supreme Air Force Council, which authorized the following:

  • The Squadron’s central station is to be positioned at the Typaki Air Base.
  • The Squadron is to remain under the subordination of the 138 Combat Group which is in place to manage and control all assets, while its operational authority and management is to come from the Chief of the Hellenic Tactical Air Force, until ordered otherwise.

In 2000, the Squadron was awarded the Air Force’s Flag with the Presidential Authorization of May 10th, 2000.

In 2002, the Supreme Air Force Council approves the Squadron’s Emblem.

In 2005, the Squadron is relocated to the 126 Combat Group and becomes integrated with it, accordingly.

In 2006, the Squadrons operating S-300 PMU1 systems (11th GMS – 12th GMS), the Control Command Center and the organizational components of the TOR-M1 merged under one Squadron, labeled as the “11th Guided Missile Squadron”, which receives its operational orders from the Hellenic Tactical Air Force.