3rd Control and Report Post

3η Μοίρα Σταθμού Ελέγχου και Προειδοποίησης


Νούν Χρη την Φυλακήν Έχειν(All Guards Must Act with Caution)

(Iphigenia in Aulis, verse 374 Euripides).

Display: The Bernon moutnain with snow and the Units’ Radar located at its highest peak, with the six-rays of the Vergina Sun shining over the mountain. Below the tip of the mountain, is the head of Alexander the Great, all of which are symbols of Macedonia.


The 3rd Control and Report Post is located at Vitsi Mountain on the borders of Florina and Kastoria Countys.




Hellenic Tactical Air Force


The 3rd Control and Report Post’s mission is to effectively organize and utilize its staff and assets, in order to adequately accomodate the tasks assigned to it by the Area Control Center, to the highest of its abilities and within the context of its duties.


In 1967, the Unit was used to monitor airtraffic within the Hellenic Airspace and provide information and warn NATO’s authorities, within the context of the SACEUR Early Wasning System.

In 1973, in the context of the modernization of the NATO Air Defense Command Units, the Unit was upgraded, as it replaced its older Radar system according to the standards set forth by the NADGE (NATO Air Defense Ground Environment), while its changes were made to improve its monitoring, clarification and controling systems for aircrafts.

In 1982, the Unit was renamed to the “3rd Control and Report Post”.

In 1995, in the context of the modernization of NATO Air Defense Command Units, a 3D RADAR was installed.