5th Control and Report Post

5η Μοίρα Σταθμού Ελέγχου και Προειδοποίησης


“Όπλον η Φρόνησις” (Wisdom is our Weapon)


It is located at the north-west edge of Creta Island at 1.000 m.




Hellenic Tactical Air Force


The 5th Control and Report Post’s mission is to maintain a high level of effectiveness and readiness, through the proper organization of its staff and the maintenance of its assets of the systems that are at its disposal, in order to contribute at the implementation of Air Control Centre (ACC) – Recognized Picture Production Centre (RPC) – Sensor Fusion Post (SFP) mission, according to the responsibilities assigned.


In 1967 the Unit started being operational under the command of Creta’s Missile Fire Installation (MFI) using SRE-M2A Radar and S-269.

In 1976 started using NADGE System, while it was upgraded in an MPR Unit, in order to come through with the Aeronautics Control System needs.

In 1982 it was renamed as Control and Report Post.

In 1997 due to the NATO’s aeronautics system upgrade, a new 3D RADAR was set to operational order.

In 2002 the Unit changed to RemoteRadarHead.

In 2013 Unit’s RADAR was upgraded.


Email: 5msep@haf.gr