9th Control and Report Post

9η Μοίρα Σταθμού Ελέγχου και Προειδοποίησης


“Ός τα Πανθ’ Ορά” (The one who sees everything)


It is located at Pilio.




Hellenic Tactical Air Force


The 9th Control and Report Post’s mission is to maintain a high level of effectiveness and readiness, through the proper organization of its staff and the maintenance of its assets of the systems that are at its disposal, in order to contribute at the implementation of of Air Control Centre (ACC) – Recognized Picture Production Centre (RPC) – Sensor Fusion Post (SFP) mission, according to the responsibilities assigned.


The 9th Control and Report Post was constituted in April 1955 named as Control and Warning Squadron. It was equipped with research RADAR TPS-1D and height TPS -10D , while in 1956 was renamed as 2nd Control and Report Post.

In 1957 RADARs were replaced by FPS-8 and FPS-6 while the next upgrade took place in 1973 by installing the research Lord RADAR and two (2) S-269 RADARs. At the same time the semiautomatic system NADGE (Nato Air Defence Ground Environment) with H-3118M computer were installed . That time a lot of important improvements at revealing, observing and transmitting plots were achieved.

In 1982 it was renamed as 2nd Squadron of Main Control Center.

In May 1998 Unit’s electronic system was upgraded.

In September 1999 RADAR Marconi S-743D was installed.

In November 1999 the new Aegis Site Emulator was installed.

In 2001 the Remote Display Subsystem was installed.

In June 2002,12 the Unit was renamed as 9th Control and Report Post.

In November 2004, Multi Aegis Site Emulator (MASE) was installed.