Air Tactics Center


Air Tactics Center


“Σοφόν εν βούλευμα πολλάς χέρας νικά” (A wise decision defeats many means)

The complete saying from the long-lost tragedy of Evripides «Antiope», from which only a few parts have been saved until today, is as follows: “Sofon gar en voulevma tas pollas heras Nika, sin ohlo d’amathia pleston kakon“. In other words and in a rather literal translation, the wise decision wins many hands and any ignorance supported by the crowd, is the greatest evil.

By trying further attempts for a brief analysis and demonstration of the importance of this saying, while looking back at the Hellenic history, we can safely say that most of the Greek fights, had to do with the defense of their freedom and homeland. This belief, prevailed since the time of Homer, given the well-known saying from his masterpiece «Iliad», ΄΄eis oionos aristos, amynesthai peri patris΄΄, that means the one best omen is, to fight for one’s country.

However, defense is considered sufficient and successful against a hostile treachery, when it is accompanied by victory, which is the ultimate goal of any battle and/or war. Reading in Xenophon’s «Anabasis», that bravery or weapons power alone are not enough and considering that the Greeks over time have been numerically fewer against the barbarians, we can easily assume that Euripides aforementioned saying, supports Xenophon’s ideas.

In conclusion, the Greek tragic poet Euripides, attaches great importance to the wisdom of a strategic plan compare to a power which has lack of education, in order to achieve as Aristotle points out in his «Nicomachean Ethics», the total Victory.


Andravida Air Base




Hellenic Tactical Air Force

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The mission of the Air Tactics Center (ATC) is to provide:

  • Advanced training to personnel of all three (3) branches (Army, Navy and Air Force) of the Hellenic Armed Forces.
  • Research and testing of new methods and procedures, in order to improve the execution of Air Operations.
  • Systematic monitoring of the military technological equipment development and studies, in order to enhance the Air Force’s combat capability.

AIRTAC Center elaborates EW studies and follows operational effectiveness, programming and testing of the desired operational tactics for self – protection systems and all EW means. All operational trials, tests and certifications, EW studies and evaluations of means and weapon systems, takes place in ATC.


AIRTAC Center, was formed in July 1983 and is located in Andravida Air Base, at the western part of Peloponnese peninsula. The ever – increasing operational training requirements for air tactics and electronic warfare, made its establishment deemed necessary by the Hellenic Air force leadership. Later, in 1987, the Joint Electronic Warfare School was added, under the direct supervision of the Hellenic Armed Forces General Staff.

Advances took place in 1990, following the acquisition of 3rd generation aircrafts (F-16, M2000). Fighter weapons School had to adapt in the continuous developments. Since then, pilots that participate in the Advanced Tactics Training Courses, have the opportunity to train and emphasize in both Air to air and Air to Ground/Surface tactics. At the same time, Air Defense Controllers have the opportunity to train together with the pilots, thus strengthening the common fighting spirit.

In conclusion, AIRTAC Center constitutes an operational training body and an area for expressing new ideas and searching for new tactics, while testing the means of the Air Force. Over time, the center has emerged as the leading mean of integrating innovative projects with modern technology and future developments.


  • Address: A.T.C, Andravida Air Base, ZIP Code 27051, Andravida Ileia Prefecture, Greece.
  • Tel. Center: +30 26230 65399
  • Commander’s Office: +30 26230 65501, FAX : +30 26230 22112
  • Public Relations: +30 26230 65501