Access to the AIRTAC

Access to the area is possible through private means, while there is the possibility of full access to the area via long distance transportation via Athens or other major cities ( / Athens station tel: +30 2105134110-1, Pyrgos station tel. +30 2621020600-1).

The boarding and disembarking stations in the area of interest are in Lechena, Andravida, Gastouni, Amaliada.

There is a limited support from the local transport network, but a TAXI network is available in all the above-mentioned cities (map data available at and TAXI-RADIO/TAXI search for the desired site via the internet).

Local Taxi Phones:
Lechena: +3026230 23060
Andravida: +3026230 54288
Amaliada: +3026220 22392
Gastouni: +3026230 35100

Off Base Movements with Service Vehicles

Daily services from Patra, Andravida, Amaliada, Pyrgos and Base Lodging “Diaspora” are available for the transportation of Base staff, which can be used by all staff attending Center’s Schools.

In order to be informed about the routes in force and the corresponding stops, please contact the Unit’s Personnel Office at tel. (+30) 262306 5513 or the Transport Sqd 117CW tel. (+30) 262306 5807.

In-Base Movements

After arriving at the Unit, guests must present themselves at the Security Office, where they receive VISITOR Passes, and if they have a car, they receive a Free Car Entry Card.

Note: The movement of cars within the Unit is done in accordance with the marking on the perimeter roads (Speed limits – parking spaces, etc.).It is forbidden: The car traffic within the traffic-parking areas of the A/C (Aprons, Loops etc.)


There is a possibility of staying in Base Lodging of 117CW. The rooms are managed by the Service Staff Squadron of 117CW. In order to book a room, you should contact the AIRTAC Staff Office at tel. (+30) 262306 5513. The price is determined by the orders in force and for the schools – seminars refer to the training series orders. For room amenities (bed linen, TV, air conditioning) contact the reception at (+30) 262306 4112. The heating and hot water operating hours are respectively determined by the internal orders of 117CW.


Executives attending AIRTAC Schools may have lunch and dinner at the 117CW (Winter – Summer) Diaspora Officers Club with the corresponding fee, during its operation. A meal plan is set monthly, which is posted on the bulletin boards. For information – bookings please call +30 262306 5907 or +30 6983579972.

Inside the airport area, beyond the Medical Center and Dentistry, there is also a barber shop, which runs daily from Monday to Friday by appointment. To inform you about the hours of operation call (+30) 262306 5912.
Moreover a Gym is available in the Diaspora area. For the opening hours you may contact the Unit Personnel Office on tel. (+30) 262306 5513.

Medical Care

The 117CW Medical Center is located at the airport and has first-aid and dental care facilities.

Medical Center tel.: (+30) 262306 5777

For incidents that cannot be dealt by the Unit’s Medical Clinic, a Medical Note for Hospitals in the area (Amaliadas – Pyrgos – Patras) is issued, after consulting the doctors.

Tourist Information

In the prefecture of Ileia’s you can find the Ancient Ilida, one of the most important cultural centers of Peloponnese and the ancient capital of Ileia’s, which hosted the Olympic Games of antiquity. According to the website of World Cultural Heritage of UNESCO, Olympia is an archaeological area in the whole world, with so close reference to present reality, including The ancient stadium of Olympia, where the Olympic Games took place in antiquity, and also The temple of Epicurean Apollon, one of the most important and imposing of antiquity, located in Vasses of the Phigaleia.

It is worth visiting:

  • The Strofylia Forest
  • The waterfalls of Neda
  • The famous lake of Kotychi
  • The medieval castle of Chlemoutsi in Kyllini and
  • The world famous Ancient area and Stadium of Ancient Olympia

Famous monasteries:

  • Monastery of Kremastis and
  • Monastery of Sepetos

Furthermore you can visit:

  • The gorge of Arini
  • The hot springs of CaiaphasThe
  • famous port of Katakolo.

Best, Famous and Beautiful beaches:

  • The beach of Skafidia
  • The beach of Zacharo
  • The beach of Kato Samiko
  • The beach of Arkoudi
  • The beach of Kyllini
  • The beach of Thines in Vartholomio
  • The beach of Kourouta in Amaliada

A magnificent and unique ecosystem is located just 4 km from the beautiful sandy beach of Zacharo and includes the hot springs and the lake of Caiaphas, the pinewood of Strofylia and the famous from antiquity Mount Lapitha. The beauty of the area is amazing. The extent of the Caiaphas Lake considered around 6000 acres, while in the middle of the lake is located the graphical island of Saint Catherine. Apart from the hot baths, the lake of Caiaphas offers to the visitor the opportunity for a range of water sports such as kayak, sailing and Water Ski.


It is a must “obligation” for every traveller dedicating time to one of the major Greek museums such as the Archaeological Museum of Olympia, as the exhibits include the sculptural decoration of the temple of Zeus, which was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, Niki of the Panionios and the famous Hermes of Praxiteles.

The Museum of Ancient Greek of technology in Katakolo operates under the auspices of the Municipality of Pyrgos and includes about of 200 trustworthy and functional effigies of mechanisms and contrivances of the ancient technological miracle after investigation design and construction of Costas Kotsanas.

The Museum of Ancient Greek musical instruments and games in Katakolon at the building of Latsis next to the Museum of Ancient Greek of technology includes 42 ancient musical instruments which accompanied with detailed descriptions and diagrams.

The Archaeological Museum of Ilida stands imposing on the southeast rim of the ancient acropolis overlooking the archaeological site. It was constructed between 2002 and 2004 in complete harmony with its natural surroundings. The new building made possible the exhibition of more findings that were inaccessible to the public for a long time. The exhibits represent the long history of the capital of Elis, Ilida, the city that once organized the Olympic Games; among others, pottery, statues, sculptures, tombstones, statuettes, vessels and coins all dating back from the Paleolithic period to the Roman era.

Site Seeing

For the personnel who wish to visit the Archaeological sites of the Elia’s Prefecture, lots of information could be retrieved from the internet (