The AIRTAC Center mission is studying and forming of the various Air Tactics, as well as the staff advanced Air Tactics and EW operational training.

The subject staff elaborates EW studies and observes the operational effectiveness, configuring the best operational tactics for the self – protection suites and all the EW means. Here is the place where all the operational trials, tests and certifications, EW studies and evaluations of means and weapon systems are executed.

More precisely, AIRTAC CENTER is accountable for:

  • The enhancement of the knowledge and the skills of the HAF operational staff concerning Air tactics and EW, as well as the progress of all the three Armed Forces branches. This occurs through the provision of theoretical and practical training, the schools of the CENTER, and the issue of the training aids (books, booklets) that all the staff uses.
  • The research and test of new methods and procedures that comprise the tactics of execution of the Air Operations, in connection with the potential threat and the available HAF means.
  • The systematic track of the technological evolutions in the Defense sector and execution of studies so as to improve the tactical performance.
  • The design and execution of certification and evaluation of any type of air assets, and, at the same time, the making of ample satisfaction of the operational needs and improvement of the tactics.
  • The operational programming as well as the tracking of the self-protection and EW means of the HAF air assets in order to achieve the best efficiency.