Electronic Warfare School


Electronic Warfare School (EWS)

Historical Background

The Electronic Warfare School (EWS) was set up in 1979 and operated at 128 SETIs until 1981. It was then transferred to the 28th ATAD in Larissa where it operated until 1983. With the establishment of the AIRTAC, it underwent it as an assembled Unit.

The great importance of the EW in the modern field of Operations has led to the need for the participation of Staff from all the Hellenic Armed Forces in the BEW, something that began in 2000. Students from other countries are often hosted.


The Mission of the Electronic Warfare School is:

  • Providing Academic and practical training to HAF staff and other Armed Force departments on the tactical and technical use of EW means.
  • Designing tests on new tactical EW methods and assessing the effectiveness of the Air Force EW means.

Provided Training

The EWS, beyond the Academic education it provides, is also the first stage in the education of the physical continuity of the training of the Joint EW School.

The education provided by the School focuses on how to use it the EW Means, which have the Hellenic Armed Forces, other countries, and the means that are on the international market. The duration of each training is one month, and two to three series of about thirty students graduate each year.

Training is an introduction to the Electronic War for trainees and is carried out by educational staff coming from all the Armed Forces. The main effort is the trainees’ addiction to objects such as aircraft self-protection systems, surface and chassis protection systems, communications interference and radar systems, countermeasures, electronic warfare measures and hostile air defense measures. During the school there is also an EW game in which students are invited to plan and present missions based on a specific scenario.