Tactical Support Squadron


Tactical Support Squadron (TSS)

Historical Background

The Tactical Support Squadron (TSS) was set up in August 1983 and immediately joined the AIRATC. The forerunner of the establishment of the TSS was the 1983 development with the RADAR AΝ/TPS-43A at the Andravida Air Base to serve the requirements of the FWS. In 1990, RADAR AN/TPS-43A was withdrawn and in 1999 replaced by a new, AR-327 (3D) British-type.


The RADAR AR-327 is the alternative RADAR Station of 2nd Area Control Center (2 ACC), operates on a 24-hour basis, while its mission is:

  • The support of the AIRTAC and its Courses.
  • The excellent organization and the best use of the personnel and the means that have been allocated in order to contribute to the excellent realization of the mission of the ACC to the extent possible and within the limits of the powers conferred on it.
  • Support for Tactical Air Operations at National or Allied level according to Operational Plans or HTAC orders.
  • Supporting flights from the Andravida – Araxos area and, secondarily, from other Units.
  • The NATO Call Sing of the Unit is “OMIROS”.
  • Also with the Multiple AEGIS Site Emulator (MASE) Control Console supports the exercise INIOCHOS and the Fighter Weapon School, providing the means of effective execution of RTO and KILL REMOVE procedures.