In the beginning of the decade of 1980s, HAF decided to establish an Organization / Unit in order to shelter activities that up to then were dispersed among various sites. These activities were basically schools which were hosted by the 117 CW, the Tactial Air Command (T.A.C.) and the Support Air Command (S.A.C.). The ever-growing operational training requirements in the field of Air Tactics and Electronic Warfare (EW) led to the foundation of AIR TACTICS CENTER (AIRTAC CENTER) in 1983.

AIRTAC Center is organized and equipped with various means and forces. There is a modern autonomous AR-327 RADAR which supervises all the current activities. Moreover, there is an Electronic Applications Field, which will soon be upgraded to Electronic Warfare Applications Field (EWAP).

The Center and its related activities is responsible for the development and implementation of new tactics on Sophisticated Command-Control and Communications systems (C3), real-time data collection and processing tools, new intelligent weapons, which require ongoing study, testing, and training of the operational personnel for the best use of these modern systems.

Under the organizational umbrella of the AIRTAC and under the instructions of the Heads of Stage, a significant number of Joint Forces and Air Force Exercises are organized annually.

Furthermore, the Center, in response to the challenges of the time, organizes annually the “INIOCHOS” Multinational Airborne Interdisciplinary Exercise, deploying not only huge benefits to the Strategic – Regular – Operational Sector but also providing positive feedback on the Country and its Armed Forces.

Showing deference to historical, intellectual and spiritual heritages, all the staff of the AIRTAC Center responds to the modern operational challenges. The personnel push themselves to their limits not only in order to serve the Hellenic Air Force with loyalty, but also to bequeath these values to all the Armed Forces.

AIRTAC Center is nowadays the highest level means for the HAF to attend the modern technology and study the entire modern Aerospace scene.