Iniochos 2021


The multinational aerial combat Εxercise «Iniochos 2021», took place from Monday 12nd until Thursday 22nd of April 2021, at the Andravida Air Base.

During the Εxercise, complex air missions such as Offensive Counter Air Operations (OCA), Air Defense Operations (ADO), Counter Surface Force Operations (CSFO) including Air Power Contribution to Land Ops (APCLO) and Air Power Contribution to Maritime Ops (APCMO) and search & rescue in a combat environment, were carried out.

The Exercise involved a large number of Air Forces from our country as well as the United States Of America (F-16, MQ-9, KC-135), France (Rafale, M-2000D), United Arabian Emirates (F-16), Spain (F/A-18 Hornet), Israel (F-15, F-16) and Cyprus (AW-139) conducting more than 1320 flights day and night throughout the Athens FIR range, aiming the reinforce of the collaboration among the participant countries in a effective, secure and substantial way.

The Exercise also involved personnel from Canada (Air Weapon Managers – GCI), as well as Hellenic Army and Hellenic Navy forces.
Additionally, Egypt, Austria, Slovenia, Jordan and Romania also participated with observers.