Iniochos 2023


The multinational air exercise “INIOCHOS 2023” was held from Monday, 24 April 2023 to Thursday, 4 May 2023 at Andravida Air Base, from where the majority of the participating fighter aircraft operated.

“INIOCHOS 2023” saw the participation of 12 countries, a record number since 2015 when “INIOCHOS” was first held as an INVITEX. Specifically, participants were Cyprus with an AW139 helicopter and JTACs, France with Rafales, India with SU-30s, Italy with Tornados, Jordan with F-16s, Saudi Arabia with F-15s, Slovenia with PC-9s and JTACs, Spain with EF-18s, USA with F-16s, MQ-9s and JTACs, Austria with INTELs and Canada with Air Battle Managers.

Hellenic Air Force participated with a large number of assets, like fighter jets, including the recently acquired RAFALEs, Air Defence Systems, helicopters, transport and training aircraft. Additionally, Hellenic Army, Navy and Special Operations assets and personnel contributed significantly to the creation of complex and realistic scenarios across the exercise areas which spread over the Greek mainland and seas.

All types of air missions were executed, day and night, under an intense battle rhythm, covering the spectrum of modern air operations in the context of a series of demanding scenarios.

During “INIOCHOS 2023” a number of missions were accomplished on the F-16 Tactical Simulators of the newly established HAF’s Synthetic Training Squadron (STS), expanding INIOCHOS into the virtual world.

Representatives from Bahrain, Germany, Montenegro, Morocco and Slovakia had the opportunity to observe a number of the exercise activities.