HTAF Regional Meteo Center

Περιφερειακό Μετεωρολογικό Κέντρο ΑΤΑ


“Πολλά Φάσματα εν τω Oυρανώ” (Many weather phenomena occur in the sky)


The Regional Meteo Center is located in Larisa.




Hellenic Tactical Air Force


The Regional Meteo Center’s mission is the meteorological support of all Branches of Armed Forces, for aircraft navigation and providing information to the community for dangerous weather phenomena as well as covering the general needs of meteorological support to public and private sectors, especially in Thessaly region.

The Center in order to achieve its mission operates twenty four seven a day, all year round. The Center’s Staff provides general and specific weather forecast in written form or in the form of weather maps, hazardous weather alerts and provides meteorological updates to all Branched of Armed Forces, to agencies and to public in general.

The Center is connected with Hellenic National Meteorological Service (HNMS), with Hellenic Air Force’s Airports and other agencies of all Branches of Armed Forces.

The Center collects, edits and delivers meteorological information from the National Meteorological Center of the HNMS (, Meteorological Stations of Greece and abroad, weather forecast RADAR, aircraft reports, the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, the Meteorological Satellites ( and the World Meteorological Organization (


In 1954, the Meteorological Center of Larisa was established in 110 Combat Wing, located in Larisa Air Base, by the decision of National Defence Ministry. The Center’s mission was the meteorological support of Hellenic Air Force’s Units.

In 1957, the Center was relocated to Hellenic Tactical Air Force’s Base.

In 1965, the Meteorological Center of Larisa was charged with the responsibility of supporting all Airport of the Hellenic Royal Air Force.

In 1967, the Center was renamed to 28th Meteorological Flock.

In 1979, was renamed to 28th Meteorological Center of Tactical Air Force.

In 1997, was renamed to Regional Meteo Center.