National Air Operations Center

Εθνικό Κέντρο Αεροπορικών Επιχειρήσεων


“Νούν Ηγεμόνα Ποιού” (Make your mind the most dominant of all)


The emblem depicts an ancient Greek soldier who unleashes his weapons, while his shield in the foreground displays a RADAR screen with the map of Greece.


The National Air Operations Center is located at Larisa Air Base.




Hellenic Tactical Air Force


The mission of the National Air Operations Center is to plan, coordinate, instruct, monitor and direct tactical air force operations which have been allocated and assigned to it at times of both peace and war, for the successful and effective achievement of every indicated operation.


  • 1975 – The first planning for the establishment of the National Air Operations Center  began, within the context of the modernization of the Hellenic Air Force
  • 1981 – The plan was complete by 1981
  • 2007 – The National Air Operations Center became an inipendent wing of the Hellenic Tactical Air Force
  • 2015 – The National Air Operations Center was relocated to Koutsochero of the Larisa County
  • 2023 – Following a decision of the Supreme Air Force Council, it was relocated to new facilities in Larissa Air Base.