Visit of members of the Diplomatic Corps and Military Attaches to the HAF Museum

On Saturday, February 3, 2007 members of the Diplomatic Corps and defence, military and air attachés paid a visit at the Hellenic Air Force Museum in Dekelia Air Base. The event was initiated by the Consul A.H. George Α. Myroyannis. More specifically, diplomatic delegations from Italy, Venezuela, Angola, Iran, Indonesia, Georgia, Libya, Ethiopia, Kazakstan, Moldavia and the Czech Republic alongside with HE the Ambassador of Cuba in Athens Hermes Herrera Hernández, were present. Military attaches from Italy, France, China, Russia, FYROM, Ukraine Poland and Iran, headed by their Dean, the British Defence Attaché, Colonel Marc Blatherwick MBE GM, also joined the visiting group. The distinguished visitors also included Lt General (ret) Michael Perimenis, the Director of “Eleftherios Venizelos” Airport Air Services Mr Ioannis Metsovitis and the editors of “Greek Diplomatic Life” και “Shipping Finance” Mr Nicolaos Boutsikos and Mr Petros Diplas respectively.

On behalf of the Chief of the HAF General Staff, Maj General Athanasios Karamitsos, addressed the audience and stressed the Hellenic Air Force’s interest in promoting further the co-operation between the HAF Museum and respective establishments around the world. The HAF Museum’s Commandant Maj General Constantinos Samaras, also welcomed the guests, who then took a guided tour around the historical photographic exhibition and the Museum’s most significant exhibits. Foreign diplomats and attachés were particularly interested to learn the historical details behind the Museum’s salvaged aircraft, the RAF Bristol Blenheim and the Luftwaffe Junkers 52/3m and Junkers 87 Stuka.

A reception held at the Dekelia Air Base Officers Mess, concluded the event. To mark their visit, guests were presented with the HAF Historical Branch official publication “HELLENIC WINGS: An Illustrated History of the HAF and its Precursors” and other Museum souvenirs.