EUAFA Swimming Championship – Holland 2007

On June, 13 2007 the swimming team of the Hellenic Air Force Academy accompanied by their coach and one officer travelled to Holland in order to participate in the swimming competition within the context of EUAFA. The Greek team with the delegates of three other air force academies of the European Union was hosted in the Dutch Royal Military Academy which is located in Breda. The countries with which our team competed were France, Spain and, of course, Holland. In the competitions that took place the next day of our arrival the results were as follows: Holland was first, Greece second and Spain third. Specifically, the second year cadet Baliadi Sophia took the second place at 100m women free style and the fourth year cadet Nick Kerpelis took the fifth place at 100m men free style. Moreover, the cadets Dimos Koulikas, Nick Kerpelis, Dimos Touzloudis and Nick Mpertos took the second place at the relay race of 4 x 100m free style.

The same evening a ceremony was held to award the medals to those students who terminated in the first 3 places and the cups to the first 3 countries. During the following days the Hellenic team visited an air show with participating pilots from all over the world, the installations of Dutch Academy and the last day Amsterdam from where took off the same afternoon for Greece.