Exercise NATO Tiger Meet 2022

The multinational NATO Tiger Meet 2022 (NTM22) will be hosted for the first time by 335 Squadron of the Hellenic Air Force at Araxos Air Base, Greece, May 9-20, 22.

The aim of the exercise is to provide the opportunity to all participants to experience high quality operational training under the concept ‘Train as you Fight’, improving tactics, techniques and procedures, and taking interoperability to the next level.

The exercise will be performed during day and night time in the surrounding area of Athens FIR, with the participation of a large number of Air Forces from our country, but also from Belgium, Czech, France, Italy, NATO, Spain and Switzerland. In addition, observers, means and personnel participate from Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal and the United States of America, as well as forces from the Hellenic Army and Navy.