The T-41 is a single-engine, propeller aircraft of the Hellenic Air Force for the initial training of the new pilots. It has been in service for decades now and it is used at the initial stage of training of young pilots, having completed over 200,000 flight hours. The first aircraft were built in the mid-60s in the United States and their continuous production to this day is a testimony to their reliability. They wear red and gray camouflage.

They belonged to the 360 Air Training Squadron “Thales” at the airport of Dekelia until their retirement ceremony, in December 2022.


  • Crew: 2 (trainer and trainee)
  • Engine: 1 Continental 0-360-D six-cylinder piston engine of 210 hp
  • Wing Span: 10.92 m
  • Length: 8.21 m
  • Maximum Speed: 232 km/h
  • Service Ceiling: 5.800m. or 17.000 ft