The T-6 is a single-engine, U.S built, turboprop-training aircraft and it was designed to have the flight characteristics and the sense of jet aircraft. Its main characteristic is the advanced cockpit, where liquid crystal displays simulate the environment of modern fighter’s cockpits thus making the entrance to them simpler. The T-6 is considered to be one of the top training aircraft in the world in its category. It is by far the most advanced training aircraft of the Hellenic Air Force and it is based in Kalamata Air Force Base (120 Air Training Wing, 361 Squadron Basic Training Squadron “Pelops”). It wears a two-colour white and blue camouflage.


  • Crew: 2 (trainer and trainee)
  • Engine: Pratt and Whitney PT6A-68 turboprop of 1,100hp.
  • Wing Span: 10.19 m
  • Length: 10.16 m
  • Maximum Speed: 586 km/h
  • Service Ceiling: 9.500m. or 31.000 ft