Avro Anson Mk I/Mk XII (post-WWII)

Avro Anson Mk XII

  • Role: Transport / Bomber
  • Dimensions: Wing span 17.22 m, length 12.88 m, height 3.96 m
  • Engine: 2 x Armstrong Siddeley Cheetah XV (420 hp)
  • Payload:    1.200kg
  • Crew: 2
  • Number in service: 24
  • Country of Manufacture: Great Britain
  • Years in service: 1947 – early ‘50s

The post-war period Avro Anson Mk I, must not be mistaken with the similar type that existed in the pre-WWII era in the Air Force. The first ones were transport airplanes while the second type were advanced-training airplanes, used during the war for naval co-operation purposes.

Twenty-four Anson served in the Hellenic Air Force in 1947, operating with the 355 Transport Squadron. Two of them were of the Mk IΙ type, re-fitted for medical purposes. The Anson were also intensively used for VIP, staff and cargo transportations and for night bombing missions during the civil war.