Bleriot XI-2

Ansaldo A1 Balilla

  • Role: Reconnaissance
  • Dimentions: Wingspan: 10.34, Length: 8.48
  • Engine: 1x Gnome (50hp)
  • Crew: 2
  • Number in service: 2
  • Country of production: France
  • Years in service: 1912 – 1913

A Turkish Bleriot XI airplane was part of the Greek Army spoils collected after the liberation of Salonika, at 26th of October 1912. Because of the limited number of airplanes during that era, it was decided that it would be used for reconnaissance flights at the area of Salonika, piloted by the reservist Em. Argyropoulos. During a flight at 4/4/1913, with K. Manos as a passenger, the airplane crashed in Lagadas, resulting in the death of the first Greek pilot, as well as the passenger.