384 Search and Rescue Squadron


The emblem of the 384 Squadron depicts the Squadron’s call sign, which is “PUMA”. It is composed of the head of a wild puma, which symbolizes the dynamic missions and the solitary way these are accomplished by the Squadron, since the puma is both a powerful and solitary animal. Additionally wild pumas are well known for their adaptability in all weather conditions. Hence, the head of the puma symbolizes the Super Puma’s capability of operating not only in all weather conditions, but also in all terrains. Furthermore, there are three, blue and white circles in the top right corner of the emblem. These circles are the Hellenic Air Force’s badge.


112 Combat Wing – Elefsina Air Base



Aircraft served

  • Super Puma

Aircraft serving

  • AS-332C1 Super Puma


The 384 Search & Rescue Squadron was founded in February 2007 and subordinated to the 112 Combat Wing, which is based in Elefsis Air Base. The Squadron’s main missions are:

  • Search & Rescue in Peace time
  • Combat Search & Rescue in War time

Secondary Missions:

  • Emergency Medical Service
  • Delivery of Supplies to Isolated Areas
  • Transportation
  • General Missions for the Common and Social Good
  • VIP Missions


In February 2006, 384 Search & Rescue Squadron was established after the splitting of  358 Search and Rescue Squadron.


The Crews of the Squadron need to be well-trained. So, the training of the personnel is combined of ground training and flight training as shown below:

  • SAR Training
  • High Altitude Training
  • Helipad Training
  • Cargo Training
  • NVG Training
  • CSAR Training
  • Ground Training
  • Flight Simulator
  • Underwater Escape
  • Flight Physiology