251 Air Force General Hospital



“Ωφελέειν ή μή Bλάπτειν” (To help or at least not to harm)
(Hippocrates’ “Epidemics”, Chapter C, para. 5)


The 251 Air Force General Hospital is located at 3 P. Kanellopoulou Street (formerly Katehaki).




The 251 Hellenic Air Force General Hospital’s main activities are as follows:

  • Provision of healthcare and hospitalization to Hellenic Air Force’s active and retired personnel and their family members, to the permanent and retired Civil Staff of the Hellenic Air Force General Staff and their family members, to active and retired personnel of the Fire Department and their family members and to other categories of beneficiaries specified by applicable provisions. Their total number exceeds 250.000 members.
  • Performance of medical operations, diagnostic tests and special treatments.
  • Execution of preventive treatment on major issues involving Hellenic Air Force’s Staff.
  • Design and implementation of researching projects in accordance with medical and nursing issues aimed at promoting the scientific level, investigating and resolving problems related to aviation medicine and the provision of medical services to the Hellenic Air Force.
  • Provision of training to the Hellenic Air Force’s Health Personnel in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity and training to Doctors and Nurses of various specialties to acquire Medical and Nursing specialization. All Clinics and Laboratories have and implement a Training Program prepared annually by the Hospital’s Educational Council, while organizing workshops, seminars and multidisciplinary symposia.
  • Collaboration with research centers for the preparation of scientific research papers published in scientific magazines and announced to the Hellenic Air Force General Staff.


The first Hospital of the Hellenic Air Force was established in September 1942 in Cairo of Egypt. It was located in a wing of the Greek Community Hospital in Ambasia (Cairo).

In 1944 the Hospital was relocated to the Italian School of Nursing in Kipseli, Athens, and began operating on March 1945, 25th as the Hellenic General Hospital of the Royal Air Force, providing treatment to Hellenic Air Force’s personnel.

In February 1966 the Hellenic General Hospital of the Royal Air Force was renamed as 251 Air Force General Hospital and ten years later, started operating in its current location.


Call Center: +30 210 746 3399
E-mail for Scientific Topics: vivliothiki@251gna.gr