“Ανδρείας εθέλομεν κινδυνεύειν” (We wish to be brave)


It is our way of meeting danger voluntarily, with an easy mind, instead of with a laborious training, with natural rather than with state-induced courage.
(Thucydides’ “Histories”, Book II, Chapter 4: “Epitaph” 39, 4)
(Loeb, by C. Forster Smith)


Nea Aghialos Air Base


Hellenic Tactical Air Force


Aircraft served

  • F-84 G Thunderjet
  • T-33A Silver Star
  • F-86E Sabre
  • F-86D Dog Sabre
  • F-84F Thunderstreak
  • F-5 A/B Freedom Fighter
  • RF-5 Tiger Eye
  • F-16 C/D Fighting Falcon Block 30/50

Aircraft serving

  • F-16 C/D Block 30
  • F-16 C/D Block 50


  • Operational Conversional Unit (OCU F-16 C/D)
  • Weapons and Short Range System School


The mission of the 111 Combat Wing (111CW), is to maintain a high level of readiness and effectiveness. It is achieved by the appropriate organization, training of personnel and maintenance of the available means and systems. Furthermore, the undertaking and carrying out of air operations, at any given time, in total success.


  • 1950 : The construction of the Airfield starts in 1959 and is completed in 1953. In the same year, the 340 Fighter Bomber Squadron (FB Sqn) was established with F-84G aircraft, being the first Combat Squadron of the Wing.
  • 1953-1960 : The 335 and 336 Fighter Bomber Squadrons were established, at first with F-84G aircraft and later with F-84F aircraft. Afterwards, the 341Day Interception Squadron with F-86E aircraft and the 343 All-Weather Squadron with F-86D aircraft redeployed and remained at the Unit.
  • 1965-1970 : In 1965, the modernization of the Wing started with the replacement of F-86 aircraft with F-5 aircraft. Specifically, the 341 Squadron, the 343 Squadron and the 337 Squadron were modernized with F-5 aircraft. Finally, in 1970, the 349 Squadronn was equipped with RF-5 aircraft.
  • 1988 : In December of 1988, the 330 Squadron was established in the Unit.
  • 1989 : The new F-16C/D Block 30 combat aircraft entered the inventory of the 330 Squadron, the arrival of which began on January 1989.
  • 1990 : On February 5th 1990, the 346 Squadron was established and it was relocated at 110CW in May ΄97.
  • 1997 : In July 1997, the 347 Squadron was re-activated with F-16 Block 50 aircraft.
  • 1998 : In March 1998, the 341 Squadron was also activated with F-16 Block 50 aircraft.


E-mail: pubrel.111cw@haf.gr