“Παρά δύναμιν τολμηταί” (Bold beyond our powers)


The delegates of the Corinthians, addressing their allies Lacedemonians before the outbreak of the Peloponesian War, praise the qualities of the people of Athens.
“… Whereas you are disposed merely to keep what you have, to devise nothing new, and, when you do take action, not to carry to completion even what is indispensable. Again, they are bold beyond their strength, venturesome beyond their better judgement, and sanguine in the face of dangers.
(Thucydides, Histories 1, 70, 2-3; Loeb, by C. Forster Smith.)


Araxos Air Base




Hellenic Tactical Air Force


Aircraft served

  • F-84F
  • F-104G
  • Α/ΤΑ-7Η
  • Α-7Ε
  • ΤΑ-7C

Aircraft serving

  • F-16C/D Block 52+ Advance


The mission of the 116 Combat Wing (116CW), is to maintain a high level of readiness and effectiveness. It is achieved by the appropriate organization, training of personnel and maintenance of the available means and systems. Furthermore, the undertaking and carrying out of air operations, at any given time, in total success.


  • 1936 : First use of Araxos airport
  • 1941 : At the beginning of April 1941, the runway was ready to receive aircraft flights. In the same period the first RADAR base in Greece was set up in Araxos.
  • 1958 : In 1958, it was decided that the airport be modernized, and it would serve jets ever since.
  • 1962 : On April 1962, the 116 Combat Group was formed at Araxos airport with F-84F aircraft of the 336 Fighter Bomber Squadron.
  • 1964 : The F-84F of 336 Fighter Bomber Squadron were replaced by F-104G aircraft.
  • 1969 : On May 1969, the 116 Combat Group was renamed to 116 Combat Wing.
  • 1977 : In June 1977 the 355 Fighter Bomber Squadron from 114CW redeployed to 116CW with F-104G aircraft.
  • 1992 : In 1992 the replacement of F-104Gs with the A-7Es aircraft started.
  • 1993-1995 : On March 1993, the retirement of F-104G was completed, while the delivery of A-7E aircraft had been completed by September 1994. The operational development for 335 Squadron with A-7E aircraft was accomplished on September 1993, and on June 1995 for the 336 Squadron.
  • 1996 : In November 1996 the A-7E aircraft Re-training Flight was established and started to operate in March 1997.
  • In December 2001, by the decision of Supreme Air Council, the aircraft A-7 H of 115CW were transferred to 336 Squadron and at the same time the A-7E to 335 Squadron.
  • On March 2007, 27th the transportation of A-7 H began at 132 Combat Group and ended on April 2007, 3rd. The retirement of these aircraft along with other nine (9) more A-7 E, was completed on November 2007, 5th.
  • On August 2007, 13th, by the decision of Supreme Air Council, the entire Α-7 Ε’s force of 115CW was transferred to 336 Squadron. On the other side, the 335 Squadron was equipped with F-16 block-52 + ADV.
  • On October 2014, 7th the retirement ceremony of LTV A-7 Corsair II took place.


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