Aeas (Ajax) (the son of King Telamon of Salamis) as an archer.
Ajax as an archer, with the ghost SPOOKY, holding a missile, in the background.
Call Sign: AJAX


Andravida Air Base.

Foundation Year



117 Combat Wing

Aircraft served

  • F-84G Thunderjet
  • F-84F Thunderstreak

Aircraft serving

F-4E Phantom II


The mission of 117 CW is to maintain a high level of readiness and effectiveness. It is achieved by the appropriate organization, training of personnel and maintenance of the available means and systems. Furthermore, it is to undertake and successfully execute air operations at any given time.


The 339 All Weather Squadron was formed up on July 7th, 1952, in 112 CW at Elefsis AB, as the 339 Fighter Bomber Squadron equipped with F-84G “Thunderjet” aircraft, the first jets of the Hellenic Air force .

In January 1953 the Squadron was transferred to 110 CW at Larissa Air Base where the squadron remained until 1956 when it was transferred back to 112 CW.

In August 1959 the Squadron received the F-84F “Thunderstreak” aircraft and redeployed to 110 CW. In April 1960 it redeployed to the Nea Anchialos AB at 111 CW. In March 1971 it redeployed to Andravida ABat 117 Combat Wing where it is based till today.

On March 1, 1973, it was temporarily redeployed to 116 CW / Araxos AB because of infrastructural works at Andravida, for the reception of the new F-4E Phantom II aircraft. Upon completion of works in March 1974, the squadron returned to 117 CW .

On April 1974 the first deliveries of F-4E Phantom II aircraft started, under the program Peace Icarus I. 339 Squadron integrates in its force the new fighter assigned with a dual tactical role of Interception and Fighter bomber.

In September 1978, the Squadron takes on as its main role the Fighter Bomber mission and as secondary the Intercept. In February 1983 it assumes as a main role the Intercept and as a secondary the Fighter Bomber.

In October 1997 starts the electronic’s upgrade program of the F-4E weapon systems (AUP-AVIONICS UPGRADE PROGRAMME). Receipt of the upgraded F-4E “Peace Icarus 2000” began in 2002 and ended in October 2005. Simultaneously with the release of the aircraft began the training of pilots in the upgraded F-4E PI 2000 at EADS facilities in Germany (November 2002) and continued in the Andravida AFB (July 2003) which was completed in December 2003.

The operational certification of 339 Squadron by Hellenic Tactical Air force was completed at December 2003, by then 339 Squadron was assigned with main role interception and secondary role Fighter-Bomber.

On October 31, 2017, after 65 years of service, the 339 Squadron was suspended.