Joint Electronic Warfare School


Joint Electronic Warfare School (JEWS)

Historical Background

The Joint Electronic Warfare School (JEWS) was established in 1987 and was incorporated into the AIRTAC, covering the requirement of interdisciplinary advanced inclusion in the field of EW at the level of National Defense. Thus, the JEW is under the responsibility of the Hellenic Air Force General Staff for Education and Logistics. Its training program is being drafted by the AIRTAC and approved by the Hellenic National Defense General Staff.


The Mission of the Joint Electronic Warfare School is:

  • Education and briefing of Armed Forces and National Intelligent Service executives on issues of common interest.
  • The training and briefing of Armed Fore executives on the resources available to the departments, the EW threat, and the Principles (Doctrine) governing the Joint Electronic Warfare Operation.
  • The Planning, co-ordination, conduct and control of operations with the collaboration of all Armed Forces and National Intelligent Service sectors.
  • Realistic training and education of staff in Joint Forces Exercises.

Provided Training

Training in JEWS School is a natural continuation of EWS education because it is more advanced and high-level. Therefore, a prerequisite for attending the JEWS is the successful graduation from the EWS. It is desirable after the graduation from the Graduation Program that the graduates will stay for two to three years in their Units in order to apply everything they initially learned and then return to attend the JEW School.

In Academic training, the JEWS extends, enriches and analyzes in depth the subjects of the EW that have been taught at the school of the EWS. Also, information on how to apply the EW to recent conflicts (eg KOSOVO-IRAK) and how to set up the communications, defense and electro-magnetic configuration of the forces involved. In order for the School and the knowledge to be kept up to date with the dynamic developments in the field, the teachers of the Basic and Joint EW School whenever possible are following EW exercises of other countries to enrich their knowledge and to exchange views. The duration of her education is six weeks.