Joint Fighter Weapons School



1 per year


12 weeks


OF-2 to OF-5


12 to 30 participants (Pilots, GBAD & Intel Personnel)


  • Academic training in Weapon Systems and Air Tactics.
  • Introduction and evaluation of new Tactical methods.
  • Improve the Tactical leadership skills and flying capability of Aircrew.
  • Advanced flight training for Fighter Pilots in Air Operations, simulating the real environment through use of various Defense systems.
  • Orientation of the Pilots to the Tactical sound use of Airpower in the most efficient way considering the existent abilities and means in order to maximize the outcome.
  • Execution of the missions in a complex and realistic threat environment with exposure to a wide range of Air-to-Air and Surface-to-Air threat systems.
  • Effective training of the GBAD personnel in a multiple threat environment with a wide range of A/G weapons.


  • Flight experience of at least 500 hrs in the participating A/C type as a Fighter Pilot (front seat) and mission ready.
  • Qualification as a four ship flight leader.
  • DACT qualified in high and low altitude (300FT AGL) ACT missions.
  • Aircrew must be current in night flying and must have an adequate IFR rating.


  • Participating country must provide and deploy 4 Fighter A/C along with technical support and required ground personnel at Andravida AFB. At least two of the A/C must be double seated for training purposes (HFWS Instructors will fl y in the back seat). This allows airborne mission supervision by the HFWS staff. Units tasked to provide a two-seater should also provide all necessary safety equipment, in a selection of different sizes, to equip HFWS staff members who may fly in the back seat.
  • In case that GBAD personnel is part of the training program, participating country must provide and deploy appropriate GBAD system/s, along with technical support and required ground personnel at Andravida AFB. If this is not possible, the GBAD personnel may participate only in the Academic training.
  • Accommodation, food, drink and transportation expenses are to be paid by the participating personnel.